We're not John Maxwell -- we're not experts -- we're just two people. Still, we believe there is value to learn from others. What you see below is predominantly a by product of the local church. Some content is original. Others documents have been tweaked to fit our needs.

Each category has its own Dropbox file for you to download anything you deem as useful. Lastly, for further context to our resources, our church is medium-sized (600). These systems and resources are scalable for a church under 100 to a church of 1,500. 

LEADing small groups

In Louisiana, every Assemblies of God church consistently growing and over 500 in attendance have some form of active small groups. The purpose of small groups is to foster relationships. We talk through length, systems, training, leaders, developing coordinators, etc.


Leading volunteers presents an interesting dynamic in communication and efficiency. Volunteers work for free meaning money and job security is not a reason to stick around. They stick around because mission and vision. We talk through leading volunteer leaders and team members.


The system that gets a person from attending to serving. We talk through the system, structure, vision, and how to have a low churn rate.


What if we told you that social media was everything. Forget banners at baseball fields, newspaper ads, commercials. Just focus on one thing!


Here you'll find research papers and theories that center around leadership written for our M.A. degree.