That Awkward Moment When You Open Timehop

That Awkward Moment When You Open Timehop

Alarm No. 1 goes off as the Night Owl alert fills our bedroom.

Tap to snooze? Yes please.

Fifteen minitues later — here comes the second alarm bolstering the silk alert.

It’s time to get up. As I reach for my phone, barely able to see my iPhone 6 screen with one eye open, I go through my everyday routine. I read my texts from those who aren’t a grandpa (like me) and stay awake past 10 p.m.; I delete the 5-10 junk emails I’ve compiled from the night before mainly from Ebay and H&M, followed by the casual social media check of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Then the eventful stuff happens. With my eyes now adjusted to my lowest brightness setting on my phone, I open Timehop.

For those who don’t know, Timehop is an app that gathers what you posted for that specific day spanning from 1-7 years ago on any major social media platform.

It’s a wonderful app that allows for you to remember funny pictures, videos and random posts. Sometimes, I laugh and share a good smile with Kayla. But, for the most part, I’m embarrassed. No, really embarrassed. No almost like on the board of being ashamed.

When I read what I posted 3-5 years ago it makes me sick to my stomach, so much that the words — “you idiot” are frequently uttered to myself daily. The ironic element of my whole Timehop experience is the content in which I’m speaking.

I’m not ashamed of the stuff I posted 6-7 years ago when I wasn’t a Christian. Truth be told, we get a good laugh of what was posted then. Instead, I’m ashamed of what I posted when I became a Christian and served in my first ministry position.

Let me share a few things I noticed about my posts. Hindsight is always 20/20.