When I Stopped Arguing with Old People

When I Stopped Arguing with Old People

You know the feeling when you’re about to lose your mind? The moment that has been compiling for a while and you feel your blood pressure rise? You know, that feeling where you can’t hide it in your face anymore?

Okay, good. Stay thinking about that experience — it will help the narrative to my ‘jumping off the cliff’ story.

The first song of our morning worship had just concluded when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Nevermind the typical awkward moment when your singing (off key) with hands lifted and you’re immediately interrupted (we’ve all been there). An older gentleman, or “old person” as I called them, signaled me to the church lobby.

I knew this was going to be fun. After all our senior pastor was gone, and it seemed like every time he went away everyone always acted just a little bit more crazy.

He put his face in a close uncomfortable proximately to mine — yes, that close — and demanded me to tell the worship team to play softer. This type of problem was the usual occurrence at this time. I told him, in my inside voice, it would be impossible for me to do that with worship already starting and with the sound being controlled on stage.