The Story Behind the Frame

The Story Behind the Frame

You can learn a lot of about someone from their office or workspace. In most cases, it's easy to tell their work habits and general interests by simply looking around the room.

If you step foot in my office, you'll quickly notice a few sporadic themes centered around the following, the Patriots, Disney, The Office, degrees and certifications, white boards and one purple and gold picture frame.

Of all the random nicknacks and obsessive amounts of Tom Brady memorabilia in my office, this one picture frame is the most valuable -- even more than the two pieces of paper that cost $50,000 on my wall. It's valuable not because of what's in it (an old magazine article) but instead because of the story behind it.

It's a story that has radically changed my life, one that haphazardly led me on two excessive emotional extremes.

Pastor Confessions: I Hate People

Pastor Confessions: I Hate People

Door shut, blinds closed, headphones blaring, and no one should dare to disturb me.

I’m a 20-something millennial who doesn’t have time for your issues. I’m an efficient administrator who has tasks more important than our conversation. By the way, I’m openly introverted — you know it — so get the hint, I don’t want to talk to you.

When you find me outside of my office, I’m far too busy getting things ready for the upcoming event. When you glance over after services and see me talking to teenagers, let me be, because they get me more than you ever will.

After all, who needs relationships with people? You do your thing, and let me do my thing. Point blank.

Man, what a bad attitude for someone whose job exists for people, huh?