The Local Church and it's Problem Developing Female Leaders

The Local Church and it's Problem Developing Female Leaders

As I peeled back page after page from Kadi Cole’s book Developing Female Leaders, I gained a deep awareness to an issue I felt I understood well.

For the most part, the Local Church has an egregious history of developing high-level female leaders and pastors. Sure, poor theology continues to act as a stumbling block and giant barrier to engagement for some churches, however in circles where female leaders are actually welcome to lead (it’s sad I even have to type that) a glass ceiling of development and unwritten gender biases still exist.

In my early 20s, I remember being completely blindsided by how the Local Church approached female leaders. Being a late-riser to faith, it was baffling to me that a high-level CEO of an organization who might be the best leader in the building was often relegated to a low-level volunteer position in a church.

It made — no, still makes — no sense to me. In the beginning, I approached this topic in total defiance. I figured a few open conversations would shift the perspective many had in-grained in them from birth. Yeah, that didn’t work.

What Cole outlines in her book is a fascinating picture and solution to how the church can do a better job at developing female leaders. I won’t steal her thoughts. Go buy and read her book! However, I want to talk about three specific takeaways from her book.

These are tangible changes we can make immediately to start down a healthy path of developing female leaders in the Local Church.