A Letter For The Inspired

A Letter For The Inspired

We are certainly not in lack of ways to be inspired in this world.

From nature and the universe, to role models, from history, to grand movements of people -- anyone can find at least one thing by which to be inspired toward greater things. Artists, thinkers, builders, visionaries: their lives and legacies all cry out for us to live for something more.

And when we infer that message, we’re happily met with a strong yet warm feeling inside that agrees and echoes the same. Inspiration can be found everywhere yet is uniquely crafted toward the individual that needs it. It’s something so rare, yet so available.

With such an accessible resource at our disposal, we are encouraged endlessly through cultural sways and mantra creators to be inspired daily. And we should be inspired daily. What’s the point of the daily grind if we do not find some joy, passion and excitement in what we do during this short life?

For many of us, we’ve been met with that same fervent feeling time and time again. Inspiration is no stranger to us, for we are familiar with the gifts of excitement and zeal that it brings when we are propelled by the actions and stories of others. We express how we feel by saying “that inspires me” because it’s the best way we know to describe what’s happening on the inside.