Where is God on Monday?

Where is God on Monday?

(Insert dramatic typography to transition to a flashback)


As my eyes slowly open, the once joyfully received LSU Fight Song quickly turns into my worst enemy. I fling my arm toward my dresser to stop my alarm to no avail.

Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh – repeatedly blares until I reluctantly get out of bed.

Eyes still drowsy, I find my way to the coffee pot. Then the casual check of social media follows before I jump in the shower to get ready and conquer the day.

After all its Monday and Mondays just – sometimes – aren’t fun. I get in my car for my long three minute commute to campus. After a full day of classes, I quickly hustle back to my car. You know that person who walks awkwardly fast without running? Yes. That was me.

I get in my car and quickly jolt over to my job. Before you know it, I’m home. I eat, hang out with Kayla, watch some Monday Night Football and call it a night.

It was a normal Monday. As a matter of fact, this was a normal routine for six days of the week. However this particular Monday was a sharp contrast to the previous day.

See, the day before my routine was different. After sleeping in I drank a full cup of coffee while watching ESPN’s NFL Countdown. I even had time to iron a shirt. I got in my car and drove 25-minutes (not the normal three-minute commute) to our church.

At church, I saw faces I didn’t see throughout the week. I drank fancy coffee I didn’t normally drink. I sang songs I didn’t know that well. I encountered a God I didn’t know any other day of the week.

But, it wasn’t just me. My wife (girlfriend at the time) Kayla – who grew up in church – felt the same way.

At this point, I openly called myself a Christian. I experienced Jesus before. I even got over some of my bad habits and changed for the better. We honestly loved Jesus, but we didn’t see him – or care to know him deeper – on any day that wasn’t Sunday.

There wasn’t one moment that led to this apathy toward God. It was behaviors and patterns that ultimately led to a disconnect. Have you ever bought something new – let’s say a phone, or even car – and in the beginning, you’re captivated by it?

It has all our attention. We check out every feature and use it an exorbitant amount. After a while though it just becomes another phone or car. You still use it, but it’s not what it once was to you.

That’s pretty much how you could have defined our relationship with God. As we all get 2018 started, I’m willing to bet that God is a high priority in your life. If we all want to pursue God deeper in the new year, it requires reflection and self-awareness.

We’re going to re-live some behaviors we demonstrated in our lives that led us to ask the question – where is God on Monday? As you begin to revitalize or take a next step in your relationship with God, let’s identify together if there’s any of these behaviors in our lives.