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The Unwritten Rule of Ministry Advancement

The Unwritten Rule of Ministry Advancement

A few days ago, as we were reflecting on previous church ministry experiences, I looked at Kayla and immediately started laughing.

“Why was I ever a youth pastor. Teenagers and I don't mesh well – then or now!”

As a young 20-something I had the desire to serve the local church, and I was confident that it was God’s plan for my life. In a conversation with our former lead pastor, I told him I would “do anything” because I just wanted to serve.

Shortly after a youth pastor position opened at the church -- so naturally I was a good fit. I was eager to serve, I was young, and if I took it ... I could be paid.

Done, done and done.

What transpired over the next couple of years was a result of a person serving out of need and not passion.

This car ride of reflection got me thinking of the unwritten stages of ministry advancement. In the church world, we’ve created a path of advancement, "or rule," without even knowing it.