Why I'm Thankful for My Couch

Why I'm Thankful for My Couch

It’s intriguing to see how people’s minds are triggered toward thinking about God. For some, a scenic walk through nature brings up deep thoughts of faith. Sometimes life events such as births, weddings and funerals shifts one’s mind to the spiritual. 

Interestingly though for me, my daily reminder of the one I serve sits unswervingly in the middle of my living room. Every morning I think of God when I sit on my couch.

This couch was our first furniture purchase as a married couple. We were fortunate enough when we got married in Summer 2013 to have all our needed furniture given to us by other families and friends. Our prior couch was given to us by a woman who moved to South America and literally couldn’t take it with her, and while it served its purpose in our newlywed years, the couch was on its best days a poor piece at Goodwill.

So when the cushions starting splitting from wear and tear, we made the appropriate decision to look for a new couch, specifically a larger couch that could seat more than three people and would last us for years to come. Our search landed us on a $1,000 sectional couch with an ottoman (our dog’s personal mini-bed). It was the best bang for our buck and from a notable brand name as well. 

The downside to the story? That decision and saving process was made more than a year ago… and up until the end of 2016 we still didn’t have the couch.

The money wasn’t adding up fast enough. At the rate we were saving, it would be another two years before we could even think about looking at a new couch. So, I got to work. I tried to sell household items I no longer needed. I became a Disney travel agent to make money on the side. I designed a few resumes. 

It somewhat transformed into a personal vendetta – what could I do extra to get this couch faster? My mind consistently went back to an adage from my childhood – if you want something, you have to work for it.